Charlie has been a treasure find!


Charlie has walked and looked after my very stubborn and “wayward” beagle, Jakiba, on a regular basis since starting up in 2013.

She has a very knowledgeable understanding of dog behaviour and is very patient and kind to my beagle.

Jakiba is always very, very excited and happy to go out with Charlie.

Charlie has been able to help improve Jakiba’s behaviour.


Charlie is very friendly, reliable, honest and trustworthy.

I am extremely happy and satisfied with her taking care of Jakiba, whether it is for a walk or an overnight dog sit.


I always know Jakiba and I will be happy when Charlie can help out.



Charlie walks my terrier Ollie five days a week and I would highly recommend her. She is wonderful and has an excellent way with Ollie, he adores her. Charlie is a natural with dogs and I know that she would handle any situation in a no nonsense manner.


I go to work and have peace of mind that Ollie is in safe hands. She also makes me smile when I get a text or an amusing photo telling me what Ollie has been up to or who he has played with. It's so reassuring. I have seen such a huge improvement in Ollie's behaviour I can't thank Charlie enough.



We had 2 Leonburgers Minny & Daisey and a Pug called Lola, but sadly Minny died suddenly! Minny and Daisey were very close and Daisey, the younger surviving dog was very stressed for several months after her death; she refused food and was not interested in her normal activities that she had done with the older dog.


Charlie dog sat for us while we were away for two weeks over Christmas, she did such a good job, taking the dogs out with the other dogs she walks. The excellent change in their routine transformed our miserable and depressed Daisey into her normal, happy playful self. She is an excellent person to have look after your pets; she clearly thoroughly enjoys her job and cares about the animals. Thank you Charlie for helping Daisey so much.



I am so happy we found Charlie to look after our cat whilst we are away! When we return our cat is relaxed and happy...being able to stay in his own environment is so much better than staying at a cattery. We really appreciate the service!



I can highly recommend Charlie. She is great with my dog, Millie and very knowledgeable about animals. She has always been very accommodating and Millie gets a great, long walk and play while I work part-time. She loves being with the other dogs. Its a great idea to put pics and clips on Facebook and makes you feel very in touch.  Charlie even washed Millie the other day when she rolled in something awful. Above and beyond! I really don't know how I would manage without her now.